Sam Boumoujahed

Sam boumoujahed our Chief Engineer/founder of Studio 2020 Chicago in 1990,has worked on countless projects, from rock to HipHop,House,Gospel,R&B,Edm,Durangansses,Norteno,Banda,Mariachi,Salsa,Batchatta,BossaNova,Arabic and world music,Voice-overs for National commercial Ads for Sprint/Verizon & Bank of America,& locally the Chicago Bears.

Sam Boumoujahed was the Executive producer for a reality music contest show Battala de Bandas,Producer for the indie movie Boundaries,sound mixing for internet content.

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Kyle Singleton a.k.a "KyleTheEngineer" born and raised on the westside of Chicago, became bored with the lack of emotion in music: it's the responsibility of the mix engineers to help convey that emotional substance of any musical piece. Kyle began his audio engineering career at the age of 15. Having experience in all DAWs, Kyle has done work for several prominent Chicago artist and a few other such as, GLC, Z-Money, Pivot Gang, Glory Boyz, Waka Flocka, Yung L.A and etc. Kyle has assisted in multiple voice over sessions and worked and owned multiple recording facilities prior to finding a home here at Studio 2020 Chicago.  

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Jon Diaz

Jon Diaz is an audio engineer from Chicago and graduate of SAE . His passion for recording began young from experiments with tape and dictaphones, later developing into an obsession with electronic music production. With over 15 years of experience he continues to pursue new techniques within established and fringe genres alike.

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Vance Young

A child needs a mother and an aspiring artist needs a guru. With the passion to discover raw talents and the enthusiasm to refine them to a professional level, Vance Young mounts to the role a mentor, a pundit and provides the new, struggling artists with a stage to recognize their teeming talents and show the world what it’s missing. 

Born, raised, and presiding in Chicago, Vance Young is an open minded music producer who seeks out to deliver the best in every kind of genre such as rock, alt, hip-hop, rap, trap, R&B and dance music. Vance Young believes that every artist has a story to tell- a story the world needs to hear- which is why, he works industriously in bringing out fresh voices under his record label.

Vance Young himself has been involved in the music scene for as long as he can remember. He believes that music courses through his veins and desires to lead his family’s musical legacy towards the zenith of success. 

Vance Young’s motivation lies in the response of his fans to the music he engineers. One of his devoted fans told him that his record label produces tracks that they could listen to all day long which affirmed his self-belief and confidence and encouraged him to notch up his work.

Vance Young’s biggest goal as a music producer is to be able to manage a rock band some day and lead it toward the rocky road of fame and fortune. The latest track his record label released is a dance track known as “Memories” through Octane Recording/ Soul shift music. 

Many of the fans and critics compare his style to that of LinkinPark, Timbaland and Kanye West but Vance Young believes that despite being inspired by such stars, he still sustains a distinctive originality in his production. 

Vance Young is enthralled to work on his solo projects that are lined up for the upcoming month. 

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Vance Young is enthralled to work on his solo projects that are lined up for the upcoming month. 

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